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Refund Policy

As a digital-only record label, unfortunately we cannot offer refunds on purchases for obvious reasons. However, we will always ensure you receive a fully-working as-intended version of your purchases, even if you initially encounter issues. Our downloads are checked and re-checked before reaching our store, so if you do meet a snag, chances are it can be easily sorted. We can arrange to directly send you your purchases should you meet downloading issues. Basically, whilst we cannot refund your order, we will do everything we can to ensure you receive your purchases, we’re nice like that.

Standard .ZIP Compression

Our downloads are bundled in .ZIP files because of how flawlessly they open on both Mac and Windows Operating systems. You shouldn’t experience any issues extracting the contents of your download, but if you do, reach out to us & we’ll be happy to steer you toward some free alternative .ZIP opening programs for your particular system.

Download Speed

Our hosting server is always pretty fast, so even if you’ve purchased an album that may be 200mb in size – you shouldn’t encounter any stalling or slow connection speeds when trying to download your item. If you do encounter this, reach out to us so we can arrange to send you a new link that’s hosted on an alternative server.

Missing Elements

The download you receive should mirror what it described on the purchase page, so if you find that a liner booklet, a track or even some artwork is missing from your extracted folder – let us know so we can arrange to directly send you the missing element(s). It very, very rarely happens, but we want to ensure you’re getting everything you’re paying for.

Having issues?

Reach out to us below to let us know and we’ll help you get the music you’ve paid for.

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