Release Strategy

We can help you manage your entire campaign.

Have you got a release coming soon? Let us help you plan the entire release from top to bottom. From planning content and pivotal release dates to orchestrating scheduling. We can help you come up with a creative calendar to ensure your release is both paced and clever – designed to get you the most attention possible. We work completely collaboratively.

PR Campaigns

Campaigns designed to get you featured, played and noticed.

Do you have a release or a tour coming up soon? We can help you by coming up with a massive strategy to reach out to radio, press and media to get you featured. Our methods are creative and unique and we have many contacts in the industry as we’ve been working within it for over 20 years now. We do the promotion and legwork, you focus on writing and rehearsing.

PressKit Assembly

We will assemble your package to stand out from the others.

Promoters, agents and managers don’t really have the time to be reading artist websites from top to bottom, they prefer instead to download PressKits to get a snapshot of the artist. We can help you assemble an amazing PressKit that’s designed to get the attention of the aforementioned folks. We can help you be more structured, clever and to the point.

Biography Assembly

Feed us your story and let us throw them into beautiful words.

Your biography is very important even though you may not truly believe it. When folks view your social profiles and see nothing, they either create their own history or they saunter on to the next band they love – it’s your responsibility to have an amazingly written biography that’s both honest and exciting. We can help you find your story and showcase it to the people in an elegant way.

ID3 Tagging

The best tagging software ensures your fans get the best experience.

Tagging your music is so much more important than most musicians think. Most musicians believe that naming your mp3 [artist-title] is enough. It’s not. You need professional tagging to embed information such as your artwork, record label, composers, album title, website, etc. We can tag your music with this and more to ensure the end user can truly reach you to find out more.

Mixing & Mastering

We can Mix [and/or] Master your works to ensure they are radio-friendly.

We work within music each and every day of life, that’s why we find ourselves in a position to offer mixing and/or mastering services to bands and musicians outside of our circle. We work within almost every genre [we’ll be honest and tell you if we don’t work within your genre] and we can help you with independent mixing or mastering services [or both as a package].

Release Artwork

Our completely custom artworks will help you stand out.

Your artwork is incredibly important. Sometimes it’s the only thing a person uses to judge you and your band when they scroll across you on various digital stores – that’s why it has to be striking or original. We can work closely with you to design something that correlates with your band and release title to ensure you stand out from the rest of this noisy digital universe.

Show Posters

We can create show posters designed to make you NOTICED.

Most musicians know not to leave their posters in the hands of the venue, as they’ll likely be a microsoft word special that were created in 30 seconds or less. Even if you’re doing a one-off show, we’d be happy to help you by creating a unique poster to suit your specific needs whether you plan on printing it or just using it online as a way of representing yourself to the best you possibly can.

Liner Booklets

The digital age still needs awesome liner booklets ….

Whilst we’re agree that the era of the tangible CD purchasing is over, releases that do not have liner booklets just seem cold. That’s why we’re in a position to help you assemble your liner booklet for your release whether it’s a single, EP or an album. We can help you whether you just need words and information, or custom artwork and illustrations.

Band Logos

Forget cool fonts, let us create you an amazing band logo.

Your band logo is the first thing that most people will ever see from you, so you’ve got to make it pretty decent. We work with bands to come up with logos that are way more than just interesting typefaces. In most cases, we’ll hound you until we come up with a clever angle on your band name or rationale. We work together until we’re both incredibly happy and feel like your logo represents you and what you want to be.

Music Critiques

Be brave. Let music professionals judge your music.

We have lifelong musicians that are in a position to help you when it comes to truly judging your music. Our listening team won’t know you, so we won’t be inclined to be overly nice to you – we believe in being really honest but really constructive. We’ll give you feedback on everything from production, composition, performance, lyrics and much more – we’re your audio wingmen and ladies.

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